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About Our Above-Ground Shelters

When you're looking for an in-home shelter, you can count on Stronghold for optimum safety and versatility. Our expertly crafted safe rooms eliminate any concerns about bugs, moisture, and mold, common issues with underground shelters. Despite its ultra-secure, steel-reinforced door and frame, our system never blocks cell reception.

Designed specifically for adaptability, our storm shelters fit perfectly into your space and even double as fully functional interior rooms or closets. Use your shelter as a home office, wine cellar, or gun safe. With our help, you can maximize your space and feel confident in your home's safety.

Shelter Engineering

A unique wall panel built with LP SolidStart Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) framing beams makes our in-home storm shelter stand out from the competition. Utilizing engineered wood, LSL products have greater structural strength than the conventional framing lumber. These beams are ideal for construction since they contain no knots, splits, or voids. For our shelters, we build these beams in a horizontal pattern before reinforcing them with Simpson Strong-Tie steel structural support rods. The interlocking corner joints and steel reinforcing plates add more strength to your shelter.

Safe Room Under Construction


We installed this 9 x 12 for Carbine & Associates after the framing was completed. This shelter will double as a master bedroom closet.

FEMA & ICC Guidelines

Our system successfully meets NSSA-accepted FEMA and ICC guidelines for tornado and hurricane resistance, including:

  • Resistance of a 2"X4", nine-pound missile propelled at 90mph, which simulates identical debris being propelled horizontally by a 225mph hurricane (Protocol 2 - ICC-500).
  • Resistance of a 2"X4", nine-pound missile propelled at 110mph, which simulates identical debris propelled horizontally by a 220mph hurricane (Protocol 3 - FEMA 320/FEMA 361).
  • Resistance of a 2"X4", 15-pound missile propelled at 100mph, which simulates identical debris being propelled horizontally by a 250mph tornado (Protocol 4 - FEMA320/FEMA 361 and ICC-500).

*Pricing for Standard Sizes:

  • 8x8 — $8,500
  • 8x10 — $9,500
  • 10x10 — $11,000
*Custom sizes available.